Just when you thought we had gathered all of the best worst lyrics hip hop had to offer… WE FOUND 15 MORE!

“Real gangsta ass niggas don’t run from shit, cuz real gangsta ass niggas can’t run fast.” –Scarface (from “Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta” by The Geto Boys)

And the winner for strangest generalization goes to…

“Ill stomp on a nigga, just like a herd of a thousand cattle that will travel over your face and frazzle your shit.” –Busta Rhymes (from “What’s Happenin” by Method Man)

That would absolutely frazzle your shit. It would frazzle your shit to death.

“Girl, you so bulbous.” –Prof (from “Peep Show”)

Bitches love vocabulary.

“Since the police let me out the pen, I’ve be stackin’ hella yen, shillings, francs, even pesos.” –Mac Dre (from “That’s Wusup”)

Must have been pretty frustrating living in the Bay Area stacking every form of currency except American dollars.

“First I met this freak, she was outside of the milk store.” –Lil Ugly Mane (from “Slick Rick”)

Just another regular trip to the milk store.

“Sometimes I sit and stare at the twilight till I be cummin’.” –Meyhem Lauren (from “Radioactive Tuna”)

Peyote is a hell of a drug.

“I went from shittin’ in the cell to shittin’ on a jet.” –Birdman (from “Pop Bottles”)

Birdman really is the shit…

“Real hustlers don’t sleep, we take naps.” –Juicy Jay (from “Real Hustlers Don’t Sleep”)

And that’s how hustlers and kittens are alike teehee! :D

“Pull up to the bank with a funny face.” –Nicky Minaj (from “Monster” by Kanye West)

She sure knows how to make a statement.

“Cause I have friends, that’s a fact, like Agnes, Agatha, Germaine, and Jacq.” –Biz Markie (from “Just A Friend”)

Does Biz Markie only hang out with people’s grandparents?

“Take flight on a ho, ride a kite on a bitch.” –Gucci Mane (from “I Know Why”)

Rap game Mary Poppins.

“What they eat don’t make us shit, real talk.” –R. Kelly (from “Real Talk”)

R. Kelly: musician, singer, actor, biologist.

“We eat so much shrimp I got iodine poisonin” –Pimp C (from “Sippin’ on Some Sizzurp” by Three Six Mafia)

Pimp C is still working on the whole bragging thing…

“I aint got love handles, got thug handles.” –Heems (from “Thug Handles”)

Positive self image is where its at.

“First I took a piss, I had farted, I have flatulence, I be fuckin’ all these hoes, I don’t practice abstinence.” –Nacho Picasso (from “Keys” by Blue Sky Black Death)

It doesn’t seem likely that he’s fucking all these hoes while he walks around farting and peeing shamelessly…


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