“They like Monty can you be my baby daddy I’m like yeah.” – Montey (from 679 – Fetty Wap)

*Pushes staples “that was easy” button.*

“Who’s pussy is this?” – Turf Talk (from Club House)

You really shouldn’t have to ask this question. To yourself, or anyone.

“She got a white skin friend look like Michael Jackson, got a dark skin friend look like Michael Jackson.” – Kanye West (from Slow Jamz – Twista)


“I ain’t even had time to eat a fortune cookie.” – E40 (Sick Wid It)

The moment E40 put his fate in his own hands.

“Fuckin’ up heads with brass knockes, givin’ noogies.” – Breeze Brewin (Jivetalk – The Juggaknots)

Equally scary and adorable.

“She smell fresh like a new born.” – Cappadonna (Jellyfish – Ghostface Killah)

You could probably write a novel’s worth of Freudian analysis about that.

“Swag like there’s shit in my pants.” – Mistah FAB

Do the stanky leeegggggg.

“I wanna start an escort service for all the right reasons.” – Kid Rock (Cowboy)

What a stand up guy. Bravo.

“I pack heat like the greenhouse effect.” – The Arsonists (Seed)

Rap game Al Gore.

“I got gold teeth and they don’t chew beef, no pork on my fork, just fish on my plate.” – Big Daddy Kane (Young, Black, and Gifted)

Try the BDK diet today and get a free grill!


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