New Noise Hip Hop is pleased to bring forth the EP premiere of GIDDY by THA CAPITAL G. The EP opens with a discussion of life and death, with the opening verse stating “there should be a party at my funeral.” The introspective melodies perfectly create an atmosphere for the lyrics to hole up in, taking their punches with an emphatic delivery. After two years of writing, refining his voice, and recording, THA CAPITAL G will release his most personal project yet. While the Boston-raised rapper originally wanted the project to represent a theme of rebirth, the EP became a representation of who he’s always been. The title of the EP—GIDDY—came as a play on his given name (Giddens), the zeal and spirit that went into creating the project, and the uplifting mood he wants listeners to walk away with as the last few notes fade away.

“I’m super happy to finally be putting these songs out into the universe! They are packed with raw emotion, deep messages, but mostly just pure fun and some jokes, of course. The face I’m making on the cover art perfectly captures the theme for this EP. I hope you love these songs as much as I do. If you’re a hater of mine, please listen to track 3.” – THA CAPITAL G

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THA CAPITAL G got his first taste of the limelight when he racked up 70,000 views on videos for his song titled “Amherst State of Mind,” a play off the then-timely “Empire State of Mind” by Jay Z and Alicia Keys. Students at nearby universities hopped on the trend, creating their own music video versions and garnering national press for the viral movement.

Riding the wave of newfound opportunity, THA CAPITAL G was asked to perform at the Mullins Center for his largest crowd yet. Inspired by the experience, he continued shooting videos and performing around campus, producing all of his own work in addition to rapping and singing.

In November 2013, THA CAPITAL G released his first full-length album, GarageBand Project. Following the release, G took a decisive and reclusive step back to the basics, re-dedicating himself to the art of honing every element of his craft. He knew it was time to take a leap of faith in himself and his career by moving to Los Angeles in order to pursue music full time, work with best-in-class producers, and grow amongst like-minded people; an experience THA CAPITAL G is now unveiling through GIDDY.



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