We’re pleased to bring the exclusive stream of Mike Craftsman’s new song “This Town” featuring  (listen below), released through Urban Authentic. “‘This Town’ is a song about escaping the problems I faced while trying to move forward in my life,” comments Craftsman.

The Bad Kids documentary, which premiered at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, chronicles some of these hidden daily personal struggles as it brings to light the heartfelt stories of students at his high school. “This Town,” written by Mike Craftsman, is his first professional recording with veteran multi-platinum producer and composer Jorge Corante of Urban Authentic. Corante, whose film/TV credits include Scary Movie 3, Big Momma’s House II and The Town has worked with the likes of music icons Paula Abdul, Janet Jackson and Robin Thicke. The song appears in the documentary’s end-credits and will be showing at the LA Film Festival in June 2016.

Purchase “This Town” on iTunes.

Mike Craftsman grew up in Yucca Valley, CA. Influenced by Nas, Mos Def and Travie McCoy, he began exploring musical instruments at a young age. He committed himself to writing songs at the age of 14. He raps about his home life and experiences living in “a town nobody has ever heard of,” a place of both isolation and inspiration. To him, his musical process and writing are his outlet, a way to express his feelings he could not openly share with those around him.


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