Bronx, New York emcee GC (aka Godz Chyld) presents Reborn, his collaboration EP with producer Jordan River Banks, featuring Killah Priest and Loaded Lux (listen below).

Reborn is followup to their first collaboration Forever. GC’s last release was Re-Member (listen). “The whole concept of Reborn is leaving behind negativity & the rebirth from killing that influence it has,” says GC. “It’s also a rebirth of consciousness, lyrics and music from the heart in hip hop which is something that’s been missing. The project is the process and the title is my statement. Reborn.”

Watch the video for “Blue Flame” below.

“Once I heard this beat I knew this track had to be fire. A flame is at its hottest temperature when it’s blue and that’s what I was aiming for with this song and with Lux’s verse and Jordan River Banks’ crazy beat we def brought that.”

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