These are the beats that sweep me off of my feet. Sparse, somber piano loop with a sultry horn blow as a supplement for half a verse, layered to add sentiment and texture. The hook is built from ghetto descriptions that piece together with complimentary ease. Ben Hidibi is in stride here with this sullen and captivating beat.

Boston’s GDot & Born join lyrical forces with the legend Masta Ace. All three unburden their hearts on the jazzy riff, eliciting trgedy and determination. The trio weaves bereavement from the Brook to the Bean, churning up tales that conjure emotion and heed. Whether the threat comes from competitors to run blocks or the jakes, death and danger looms persistently. The well-crafted syllables that construct multis and sentences show these three mastering the flow and graphic storytelling.

The “Ghetto Survivors” video is shot in GDot & Born’s hometown of Boston. In March 2015, GDot & Born dropped a Ben Hidibi track, founded on a sparkling piano as well. Their full length was presented by Beantown pioneer and icon, Edo G.


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