Interview with Huey Mack | By Tony Shrum

Pretending Perfection has been out for about a month now. How have people been responding to it?

Good man, as it was my first album, it was really a relief to have it out and for it to chart so well on iTunes and Billboard.

The title track goes hard when the beat comes in. You and Lu Balz seem to play well to each others individual styles – going in & out of the musical transitions, from singing to rapping. How did you two first start working together?

That was actually our first song. A mutual friend connected us. Lu is a super talented individual and we hit it off real well. After meeting it took us about 4 hours to create that song from scratch. It was a really organic process and it turned out amazing.

Did you know right away you’d be making music together?

Well, I went to Boston to work with him. A friend of ours convinced me to go out there to work with him and we ended up making 8 songs off of my album together.

Who are some of the other producers on the album?

Jon Kilmer, one of my best friends in this industry. Big Jerm and Sayez of ID Labs, been making music with Jerm for about 4 years now, since I began making music, so it was necessary to have him on it. The others are Paul Couture and Afrokeys. Both super talented individuals I had the pleasure to work with.

What can you tell me about the subject matter and inspiration for the songs on this release?

I mean it was basically my life. For 6-7 months it was my highs/lows. Cockiness, insecurities, etc. It was literally just me.

Judging from the title alone, the meaning I pull from it is – a denial of how things really are, like taking the blue pill. Is this an accurate description or am I being pessimistic?

I mean it’s supposed to be something that everyone thinks about. To some it may seem different. To me, it represented that I wasn’t supposed to be in the position that I am – that I’m a small town kid who doesn’t look like a superstar, or have the ability to sing, or someone who has the money to buy flashy things. It was just my way of saying, I’m not buying into this idea of “perfection.”

Lots of songs about the ladies and partying. Would you say this is the lifestyle you’re currently living?

It’s a side of me. It will always be something that over shadows some of the more personal songs but it’s definitely a major part of my persona and my life.

Speaking of the ladies, after hearing “Take It All Back” I couldn’t help but wonder: Is this about a real experience? Any girls ever have you wrapped around their finger?

[Laughs] I have a girl. She’s a nurse in Baltimore; she’s a great girl. That song wasn’t about personal experience, that was an idea that just happened. I obviously took things from personal experience into play but it wasn’t about anyone in particular.

You’re wrapping up a month long tour in support of Pretending Perfection. How many times did you have to raise your voice to someone? I saw the video of your driver hitting that hotel awning (watch below)? Did you properly punish him?

[Laughs] I mean sometimes you have to give some consequences for stupid shit like that, but nah, I wasn’t paying attention when he asked the clearance. It was our first day with the bus. Honest mistake.

But seriously, how was the tour?

Good man excited to have a month off to get back to work.

I know the album just came out, but are you already working on more projects, keeping the ball rolling?

Already got a few future plans in place.

Will we see some more touring in support of Pretending Perfection?

Yeah, we’re about to start the next leg January 31st actually.

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