We’re happy to announce the upcoming album from one of the most creative artists working today. Deeply connected to his roots, both humanely and geographically, Lando Chill’s upcoming album, The Boy Who Spoke To The Wind (out June 23rd), is a personal tribute to self actualization, spiritual acceptance and social activism. The first single, “Break Them Shackles,” establishes the tone of the new album, unique and musical.

“‘Break Them Shackles’ sounds like the desert. Triceratop and The Lasso allow room to breathe on every note and every beat of the instrumental, giving a vastness to the track. As Lando comes in to do his thing, you can feel a real connection to the natural surroundings of his home town. You can almost imagine Lando creating the track in a studio perched on top a desert mountain.” – Earmilk

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