Attracting a loyal legion of followers on social media, Detroit’s Molly Brazy has more than enough talent to back up her clout. Spinning a rags-to-riches narrative atop a plaintive, piano-led beat by Go Grizzly, Molly tells her tale on “Molly Story.” In the video, Molly stunts in bright lights, wearing futuristic shades as she tells stories of growing up with nothing and losing friends to the streets. On the chorus, Molly puts the tough talk aside and sweetly sings a message of inspiration: “You know you gotta stand tall/You can make it out your city, y’all/Can’t nobody stop you/You gotta beat the odds.” Premiered by The FADER, “Molly Story” is the latest visual off Big Brazy, Molly’s latest project, following videos such as “Play For Keeps,” “Big Brazy,” and “Trust None,” which garnered more than 450,000 views on YouTube.

Juxtaposing a barbie doll image with violent tough talk, Molly Brazy is one of the brightest young stars in the Motor City. Only 18-years-old but already with a loyal legion of fans, Molly Brazy gained notoriety by uploading freestyle videos to Instagram, ballooning her presence to over 750,000 followers. With an additional 265k likes on Facebook, 67.4k followers on Twitter, and 36.6k likes on SoundCloud, Molly Brazy is renowned in the streets and on social media for her rapping prowess. In her short career, Molly Brazy has already collaborated with some of the most significant figures in Detroit rap, including BandGang, RJ Lamont, Rocaine, and many others. Watch for Molly Brazy and Big Brazy to bring heat to the long Detroit winter.

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