Blu & Nottz
Titans in the Flesh
(Coalmine Records)

Blu and Nottz, colliding the east and west, have gotten together again. They collabed on Gods in the Spirit back in 2013. Three years later, they return to expand minds and bob heads. Joined by lyrical peers, Blu gets deep and ravages the mic. Nottz provides the bangers, mixing funky synths with sample driven boom bap.

“The Truth” opens the EP, slow and haunting, feeling like a church hymn. The crackling loop pushed a bass line under an organ and the guest vocals of Shateish. It’s a solemn track that allows Blu to explore his thoughts, reflective and sincere. Whether it’s the spacerd out fnk of “Heaven of Earth” or the dirty, gritty bass and sparse horns echoing on “The Man”, Blu and Nottz make an amazing team. The latter embraces organic sounds which propel a jazzy flow from Exile and Blu as they savagely sear the puppets of the system. That guitar strum just clutches you. Nottz on the turntables brings the track to a climax.

For me, it’s hard not to see “Giant Steps” as the center piece. DJ Revolution is a guest, along with Barrel Brothers, Skyzoo & Torae, plus Bishop Lamont. Nottz creates a knocking beat, pounding with a string sweep and a funky bass. All MCs come correct. And Rev, of course, comes in with a genius hook, sampling Rae, Biz, and Guru and Nas. ‘To the East” and “Atalntis” bring a calmer, but no less impactful, approach, Cloudy vibes and grooves combine from Nottz’s mastery of the MPC.

This is an outstanding EP. Titans in the Flesh is no joke. Blu’s lyrics are delivered with purpose and dedication to provoke thought. The social critique and introspection balance to never sound preachy, just resonate to trigger critical thinking. And all are delivered on Easter yellow vinyl that hold Nottz’s magical mixing of emotional and stirring music.

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