New Wav
(Fool’s Gold)

I went into Madeaux’s New Wav album with no idea who the artist is, or what he’s capable of. I’m kind of happy that I took the chance on this unheard of (to me) artist, because he touched a soft spot in my heart for house and electro. It’s not a soft spot I come out with often. It’s buried under riffs, cold steel, frost, and countless hours absorbed in medieval fantasy games – things that have no place for futuristic dance music.

I digress. Madeaux’s New Wav is a friendly, easy listening dance album with some variety. Is dance what you would call this? I don’t know. Genre lords, please forgive me, for I know not what I do; it’s good, if good is an applicable genre, but it rarely is.

I think New Wav has its strengths. I’m not entirely blown away by it, but I think it’s an interesting album, and it gives me something to listen to that isn’t Lazerhawk, Grimes, or Kavinsky, when I want to hear music that is made with computers, made post 1998.

It’s certainly some good music for the club, or the house, or wherever you plan to fill your ear drums with the touching symphony of Madeaux. The album has a groove, plenty of style, and an ambiance that I think is often forgotten in other artists who cater to the popularity of electronic dance. I’m not particularly sure what makes for a talented composer or DJ (I usually go on Grimes tweak fests, but that’s probably because I’m a noob,) but I can tell that Madeaux has put forth some time and effort into making an album that has songs rich with quality beats, and melodies.

I’ll probably listen to this album a lot while working, to be honest. It’s good.

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