Thirstin Howl The 3rd
(Skillionaire Enterprises)

If you need to be introduced to Thirstin Howl The 3rd, sit down. This will take a few. The Lo-Life General, has repped Brooklyn from birth. His youth was spent spitting rhymes about the streets and running with World Famous Lo-Life crew. Known for his unique flow and snarling delivery, he has created over ten albums and mixtapes since 1998. Howl illustrates street tales weaving in and out of Spanish and English, as a proud Puerto Rican, or rather, The Polorican. Skillmatic comes as a digital release, out now on his own Skillionaire Enterprises label. The hard copy release is soon to follow in June.

TH III was an Unsigned Hype in The Source in 1997. Howl has spit his Brownsville forged wit and wordplay on guest spots, MTV’s Lyricist Lounge, Soundbombing II and more. Here, Skillmatic shows one his more focused and sharp projects. The top tier production pushes Howl’s stunning, intricate phrasing. Will Tell (who has 4 beats on this LP) lays the ill foundation with his beat for “Olde Gold Cypher”; tympani, hard drums, and horns pound under TH III’s vocals perfectly. UG kills with this beat on “Criminal Slang” where TH III is backed with his trade off with the man, Shabaam Sahdeeq, on a true banger; 808 type bass hits and simple chop with a piano brings the olde vibe. Add the “Speak criminal slang/ my poetry’s deep” sample in the hook from Nas. “Mental Prints”, the second UG beat, kicks with a bouncing bass and an eerie organ which haunts the track, which hosts UG’s vocals too. Mobb Deep’s Prodigy joins up for a tough rocker, that hangs in reticent tension as the bass vibrates over measures. TH III verbal tapestry rides on the beat with tricky multis. That same aggressive guitar and snare rolls of “Barbaric Merits” (feat Mayhem Lauren”) have the same vibe but amp up the frantic energy. His Lo Life brothas come on two tracks, Rak Lo “I Will Always Be Here” (Prod by W.A.T.E.R) and Dak Lo “Japan Style” (young Lo), Master Fuol jumps oin two including the scorching opener, “Public Enemy”, beatsmith Domingo on point here, a true ode to the 90s flava.

Skillmatic is lo-key sleeper. Howl’s twisted tongue requires rewind and repeat listening. The smoky feel of the boom bap beats beg to banged ion the whip, peeping the city’s night. Guest appearances are plentiful, some you’ll know, some you may not. But all bring wisdom and belligerence. Give it a shot. Keep it Lo.

“Howl records his own music, mixes and engineers the albums and self-releases it under Skillionaire Enterprises label. As a film-maker, Howl has created and directed many of his own music videos. He has also written and directed two independent movies (The Polorican and Big Cuzins Payback). He also had his own acclaimed YouTube video cooking series, Jail Recipes.” – Jerry Graham PR

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