Bambu de Asiatic
“The Good Life”

Atlanta-based emcee Bambu de Asiatic presents “The Good Life,” his new Croup-produced single featuring Yamin Semali, Supastition and Simms Serenade. “The Good Life” is his first single from Family Matters. This is a genuine product of kids growing up in the 2000s, making music today. You can hear a culmination of G-Funk, RnB, and 90s backpack; from Warren G to The Pharcyde and J5. Being from the ATL, you can discern Outkast as a major influence. But influence only goes so far, these are true musicians with expert knowledge of how to create and mold. The sped up spitting contrasts with an ethereal instrumental creates a captivating dichotomy. Intelligent, emotional lyrics fuel a fiery track. Lyrics referencing a wife and condemnation of materialism (“Some folks be addicted to their social status”) is a relief. This is smart hip hop. Initially, I thought I would be turned off by the singing chorus, but it works. The added layers of production, and the chosen elements, calls to P-Funk. That is a good thing. The vibe is sunny, yet contemplative. The drums add a Caribbean flavor, that infuses an urgent energy to the track.

Purchase “The Good Life” here.


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