New Noise is pleased to be bringing forth the gritty “Lost and Found” from Miami Rapper ToBy. The song’s verses are quick to their jump, firing straight into a more emotional and reflective chorus. Backed by pianos and a peculiar ambiance, this song is only part of the beauty of ToBy’s upcoming mixtape, ToBy Season Vol. 1.

“‘Lost and Found’ came together after a short hiatus from writing for the project (I’d say a good two weeks). I had already made all of what I thought were the ‘hype’ tracks and wanted to shift my mindset to integrating more substance and personable material into the mixtape somehow. I listened to Kendrick’s To Pimp a Butterfly to help guide me through how to be myself and talk about my thoughts in an impressive but purposeful way. I always felt really misunderstood (at home, at school, even in my friend groups at times) for better or for worse but it always made me feel on my own. I think moving here and living as the artist I created gave me a chance to confront that and put those feelings to paper.”

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