We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of QNA’s new song “Retrograde” featuring Bush Tea (listen below). You can purchase the single through iTunes, as well as stream it via Spotify.

QNA commented on the song:

“The song came at a time when the band, and all the people around me, were going through some shit. People were breaking up, projects were failing, everything felt like it was going wrong. I felt like something bigger than us was pulling everything apart, but I wasn’t gonna sit around and wait. So I tried to fight it. This song is us trying to fight it. Like, it’s the man standing on top of the mountain in a thunderstorm, begging for lighting. But instead he walks off unscathed.”

About QNA:

QNA to hip-hop is like Legos to industrial design; the possibilities are endless. His cerebral lyrics work in tandem with formidable musicianship to create music that’s simultaneously explorative and traditional. Its members have been under the mentorship of luminaries such as John Pattitucci, John Abercrombie, and The Last Poets. Building on the precedents set by their mentors, they follow the music across genres and cultures, beginning dialogues with new musicians and audiences alike.

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