California alt-rock/trap project Leave The Universe recently returned from nine months in London, where they were writing and creating their debut EP N.W.O. With clear influences in the U.K.’s historical punk rock scene, Leave The Universe seamlessly blends alternative rock, post-punk, and electronic music while exploring themes such as politics, insanity, and love on their forthcoming debut EP, N.W.O.

Today, we’re pleased to bring you the track by track conducted by the group. Check it out below.


1. N.W.O.

Short for “New World Order”, this track was written the day after the last U.S. presidential election. That day I saw the perfect example of a system where the general population was like pieces being moved in an elaborate game by the powers that be for the benefit of a select few. I don’t think that people realize how much power they truly have in the fact that the game masters need the the people in order to thrive. People are kept in check by a fabricated system of money. This song is meant to be a reminder that we as the people do have the power to change a flawed system if we can stand together, instead of against each other, and recognize the true enemy. We have to power to create a new world.

2. Paralyzed

I grew up in a strict religious house hold where I was given a very rigid set of rules to live by from the day I was born. I remember being surrounded by people that did not think for themselves but only acted in blind faith for what they had been told. The mentality was not to find solution for the detriment of ones self or the world, but to simply wait for God to fix it. I do NOT have any problem with any religious faith, but this song is simply a statement for people to wake up and think for themselves and to be open to new ideas as well as taking action as apposed to waiting for someone else to fix it for them.

3. If You Find Me

This song is a very personal song about depression and disconnection from the world. I have always felt like I don’t fit in this world and it’s often been hard for me to connect with a lot of people like an outsider looking in. This song is about wanting to find that one person that you connect with, that can pull you out of the darkness and make you feel human again.

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